Shih Tzu
Fur Babies

This is Madam Mimzey.  She is a 9 year old AKA refistered Shih Tzu.  She is an imperial but on the larger end of what imperials weigh (4-9 pounds).  She is a blue brindle with black mask and is a babydoll face shih tzu.
Mim is a great watch dog and very stubborn.  She does EVERYTHING on her time.  She has had a couple litters and is retired now.  She had BEAUTIFUL PUPPIES and is a wonderful momma and great pup herself.
 This is Missy Girl.  She is not registered but is an imperial shih tzu as well.  She is my smallest shih tzu at weighing in at 5 pounds.  She is a wonderful little girl and unlike Mim and Cookie she is not stubborn and comes when called.  She loves to play and has had two litters of puppies.  Her largest full grown puppy is 7 pounds.  She will retire after her 4th litter.
This is Cookie and she is also a Imperial Shih Tzu.  She weighs in at 9 pounds and is a rough little girl.  She loves to play hard and will go until the sun goes down.  She is stubborn just like Mim and we do lock horns.  Sometimes I think I speak a totally different language and she just doesn;t understand me.
She has had two litters and will retire after litter 4.  Her puppies are beautiful and they range fro 5-9 pounds full grown.