Male Chihuaha
Fur Babies

This is Gizmo, he is a 5 year old Fawn and cream in color chihuahua male.  Champion Blood lines on both sides and not registered. 
Gizmo is a great watch dog, protects me with everything he has and is a smart cookie.  He loves to snuggle and sit on my lap.
two years ago Giz broke his right front leg above the elbow running and tripping in the yard. He has never been the same and even after surgery that was $2600 he still does not walk on it or stand on it like the vet said he would.
Gizmo has fathered a couple litters for Baby.  They are wonder litters and many people wait on lists for their puppies.
Chaos is my Marine dog.  You want him on that wall you need him on that wall.  He holds order in the yard and keeps all in line and walks that line to make sure all is running smooth. 
Chaos is 3 years almost 4 now and is black tan and white in color and he is a stocky built.  He is not registered.   He is very muscular for a chihuahua and loves women.
He weighs about 5- 5.5 pounds and is the observer.  Whatever the others try to do he studies it and makes sure he knows how to do it and accomplishes it on the first try.  Yes he is my little brain so to speak.  Chaos has fathered a few litters and loves to snuggle.
This is Peter Lorre and yes he is named after the old actor that was in Vincent Price movies.  He looks a lot like him in person. 
Peter Lorre came to me as "Gizmo"  well we already had a Gizmo and Peter never came to this name.  So one day he wouldn't come to me and I said ok Peter Lorre and bang he ran right over to me.  From this day on he answered to Peter.
Now you ask how I aquired Peter, well it is sort of sad but Peters first 9 years of life were TERRIBLE.  Why you ask.  Well Peter was found in a house raid.  He lived in a small cage for 9 years and never came out unless to breed.  His rear legs sit close together and his front legs bow to help him accomadate the conditions he lived in for 9 years.  When Peter came to me he was afraid of touch and other dogs.  He would cry if you got close, entered a room or touched him.  In 5 months Peter did a turn around and all is great now.  He has the run of the place and is a happy boy at going on 14 years old. He is 4 pounds and long haired.   He is registered AKC,  He has fathered a few litters and loves people.  He doesn;t let all dogs get close but those that do understand him and sleep with him.  All my girl dogs can and Chaos and Gizmo can as well.  He loves attention and barks if he isnt getting it from you.

 This is Mr. Wrinkles.  He stands way taller than most Chihuahua like he is on stilts.  He is a good 6 pounds and just a tall lanky boy.  He is not registered.   He loves to cuddle, run, play and has much energy to burn off.  He is 2 years old, red, white and tan with chesnut eyes and fathered a litter of shi chi.  most people mistake Mr. Wrinkles for a mini pin and he is not.
This is Chili Pepper.  He is a CKC registered lavender phantom merle chihuahua.  He is 2 and just fathered 3 litters.  He does throw the merle  color and the puppies are beautiful.  Chili came to me due to his owners stated he didnt get along with other males.  He has disagreements but does pretty god with the other males.  His owners also moved and her mother could no longer keep him.  Chili is a lover and loves to do his own thing.  Very friendly and very handsome.
Love Bug is 3 and is a brindle chihuahua.  He has more of a apple head than my others.  He is 3.8 pounds and as his name states is a Love Bug.  He is backwards and stays to himself and is glued to my hip.  Love Bug has fathered a litter  and his puppies are tiny.  he is not registered.
 Gremlin aka Gremmie is 8 months old and 3 pounds.  He is a bundle of energy and very small.  He was the runt of his litter.  He loves to play.   He is cream in color and a BIG personality.  He hangs a lot of his time with Love Bug and these two are think as theives and playing all the time.
I hope him to make small tiny babies.  Gremmie is not registered.