Female Chihuahua Fur Babies 

This is Shelly Belly.  She is a  AKA registered blue merle chihuahua weighing about 5.5 pounds she is 4 years old.  She has a blue eye and a brown eye with a little spot of blue at the bottom.  Shelly came to me because her owners moved and were only allowed 2 dogs a the new housing plan.  They also got my name from the local shelter and called me before placing her there.  Shelly has been with me for 2 years and loves children.  She is a smart girl and GREAT watch dog.  She has had two litters and each one has had merle, phantom merle, brindle and black puppies.
 This is Wiggles. Yes, her name holds true.  This little girl gets so excited she cant hold still. 
She is all about 4 pounds and is just a total lover.  She comes from champion bloodlines but I did not register her.  She is black with tan and white markings.
Wiggles is 3 years and has had a litter.  She is very friendly and a great momma.  She is a smart girl and loves to snuggle.

This is my first Female Chihuahua.  This is Baby.  She was dropped off to me by a woman in Ohio.  She said she couldn't keep Baby due to moving.  I did keep in touch with her on Facebook for a little while but after she moved she ended up getting a Doberman and this just made no sense that you couldn;t keep a chihuahua but could get a Doberman. Now she did have a male chihuahua as well.  I am glad I ended up with Baby.
Baby is so smart and comes on a dime when called.  She loves attention.  Loves to cuddle and excellent watch dog.
Baby is 5 years old, red in color with tan markings and hazel eyes.  She weighs about 5.5 pounds. She has had a couple litters and I have many people that love her and Gizmo litters and they will wait on lists until they are able to adopt one.
This is Joy.  She is a little rough house and total tomboy.  She is 2.5 years old and loves to play.  In this picture she is going through an old tree stump and trying to sneak up on me but I snapped her picture.  Joy is black, tan and white and weighs around 5 pounds.  She is a on the go sort of girl and loves attention, to play and to start trouble picking on the other dogs until they do what she wants.
Joy has had one litter of puppies and did great as a momma.