This is Smokey.  She is 19 years old and I found her under my car after I came out of a store from shopping 19 years ago.  She didnt even have her eyes and ears open and i fed her from an eye dropper.  Its been a long road but she has made it 19 years and going.  Way to go Smoke.  she has NEVER had kitens.  We do refer to her as Momma Kitty cause she is old.
This is Blair kitty and since she is a black cat I named her after the Blair Witch Project.  She is VERY friendly and usually sits on my shoulder as I walk around the yard.  She is part Maine Coon part Persian and is soft and little in size.  She is dainty.
A lot of people want Blairs Kittens. 
Misty gets her name since someone shot her in the eye with a pellet gun.  She is blind but can see shadows in it.  She is a tuxedo maine coon persain mix and larger than Blair.  She is friendly but very much a hunter.  She has had a litter and MANY people love her kittens the males do get large.
She is friendly and loves to be petted.
This is Spook and yes she will spook you out in the dark jumping out and scaring you.  She had a litter and her kittens get larger.  She is a maine coon persain mix and she looks more maine coon than persain.  She is very playful and loves to play with my dogs.  She loves to play at night with Mila and race throughout the house.
This is Mila.  She is  a maine coon persain mix.  She has had one litter of kittens and both were calico.  One was bright calico one was muted calico.  Mila loves to run about with Spook and race thru the house.  She is an orange cat and that is rare as most orange cats are male.  She loves attention and needs to be up against you most of the time.  She loves the dogs and get along well with them.
Peeka is a Maine Coon and she has the run of the property as she does not like to stay put long.  She is a Beautiful girl and loves to roam.  She likes attention and is a wonderful hunter.  She has had one litter and a lot of people love her kittens.
This is Charolette and she has not had a litter as of yet.  She is Peeka daughter and is a wild one.  Not into people too much but does like to be touched here and there.  She is shorter hair and a beautiful girl.  She loves to play with the boy cats and rough and tumble. 
This is Jamie and yes he looks a lot like momma (smokey)  kitty, she does dwarf smokey by a long shot.  She is part maine coon part barn kitty and doesnt take any riff raff from any of the cats.  She is a big girl and likes to roam as well.  She is a great hunter and will bring me many gifts.
  This is Cuda Bear and he is huge.  he goes about 25 pounds and is a total lover.  He loves to fluff that tail and woo the female kitties.  They love the Cuda Bear.  He loves hugs and affection.  He runs the property and hunts a lot.  He is a great daddy when he has a litter and just a great kitty.  He is maine coon.
This is Boots and he is a Maine Coon.  He is around 28 pounds and he is sitting in the yard talking to me.  He loves to cuddle and is a big baby.  He runs the property and does as he pleases.  He is a big boy and has fathered many litters for me.
Furby is a big boy as well and his head is huge as you can see.  He is part barn cat part maine coon and is a BIG sissy.  He is afraid of everything and does run about the farm.  He has farthered litters of kittens for me.  He was raised by my chihuahua.  He loves to hang with my dogs and that is where you will find him most of the time.
This is Mr. Britches.  Furby brought him and his brother Boo kitty home.  Me. Britches is part Maine Coon part Barn kitty and is a big boy as well.  He has fathered one litter and they were beautiful kitties.  He is very friendly and loves to be around people.
This is Boo Kitty, Mr. Britches brother.  He is tiny in size and is maine coon barn cat.  He is shy and a little stand offisn but is a sweet boy and loves me to pet him and he loves watching me cook through the kitchen window talking to me the whole time.
This is Bobby Cat and he is part Himalayan and part Maine Coon.  He has fathered many litters and made beautiful kittens.  At 6 months his kittens are usually 9 pounds.  He has the markings of the Himalayan and blue eyes to go with it.  He is a bad boy and loves to spray so he is NOT a good indoor kitty at all.  He is a mouthy boy and is always looking for the girls.
This is Cootch, and he is Maine Coon Persian Mix.  He is a larger boy and a total lover.  He wants to be held and petted all the time.  He is not great at cleaning himself and gets mad when the other cats try to clean him.  He usually had knots and needs shaved every summer. He has fathered many litters and loves to play with them all.  He is a good boy and loves the dogs as well.  He is bigger then the dogs and just goes on his way doing his thing.