Fur Babies

This is Hershey, a 5 year old lab and yes she is named for her color.  She is 65 pounds so not a large lab but a wonderful girl.  She protects the house, us and her property.  She loves the little dogs and has not had a litter yet.  She loves to run the 100 acres and swim in the pond. 
She is a dark chocolate in color and not black.  She is not registered but one good looking girl.
This is Vasquez.  She is named after the female Marine out of the Aliens movie.  She is a rust or red color.  She is part french mastiff and has taken on the color of the french mastiff and part english mastiff.  She is 8 months old in this picture and weighs close to 100#.  She has an intense stare that stops many in their steps and she ALWAYS stands gaurd in her chair on the porch watching our driveway.  She is a total baby and loves attention. She looks like a meanie but is a big baby.
This is Keyer Soze and he is named after the movie The Usual Suspects.  He is Vasquez brother and he will be studded out or mated with Hershey.  He is also rust in color and that comes from the french mastiff.  His dad was 180 pound french mastiff and his mom was a 165 english mastiff.  Both mom and dad were not yet 2 when they had Keyser and Vasquez.  Keyser is a HUGE baby and carries a teddy bear around in the yard.  He loves the dogs and cats and loves being hugged on.  He is 100 + pounds and in these pictures he is 8 months old.