About Us

A little about me and my Fur Babies.

I have always had a love for animals. 
I helped out years ago (20 yrs.) with Animal Friends.  After awhile of helping out and handling many animals they asked me if I would like to take a class and learn more on dog language and handling the abused animals.  I jumped at this chance. The course I took was about a year and a half long and I really had learned a lot on how dogs view us, their language and how to read it and how to handle an animal that had beed abused along with earning their trust back and having them trust once again.
During the time of taking this class I also took a Vet Tech course and graduated with a degree in Animal Science.  I then set ou to pursue a education in Veternarian
Medicine, but getting married and two children later left me with little time, or at least the time I really need to spend studing and tending to my studies to make the grades I wanted.  I chose to stop after 3 years and raise my children, since they would not be little forever.  It was a difficult decision but one I chose and later I would be able to persue going back to it or taking a different avenue to work with animals.
I later chose to go to grooming school and now have my chance to work with many babies as i love them all.
I myself raise the Shih Tzu, Chihuahua,  Shi Chi, Mastador and Mastiffs.  I love them all and since I have the room of living on a farm why not.
I have eleven, yes that is right, eleven chihuahua, 3 shih tzu , one lab, and two mastiffs.
I also raise Maine Coon. Persain, Himalayn kittens. 
I love them all and enjoy the enterainment that each day brings as each one has their own corks and personality.
I also groom dogs and cats.  I meet so many new and exciting families and fur babies.  I enjoying helping their babies look beautiful and enjoy the happiness it brings the animal in feeling better along with the families happieness their baby is safe and well cared for while in my hands and then looking daper or beautiful after their grooming is done.